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Blue Mountain Christian School Advantage

The Blue Mountain Christian School Advantage is our promise to families; a promise to deliver the very best educational experience possible, delivered in a manner that is Biblical, service-oriented and focused on our school families. We believe that Blue Mountain Christian School exists to support parents in fulfilling their biblical responsibility to educate their children.

The BMCS Advantage is our commitment to define and maintain a framework for BMCS consisting of five essential elements; truth, intellectual development, Christian educators, potential in Christ, and operational integrity. This framework, along with our mission, vision, core values and expected student outcomes guide every activity at Blue Mountain Christian School.

The BMCS Advantage is also our commitment to provide a well-rounded, high-quality education that includes instruction in academics, the arts, physical education, technology and service to the community. Students who are fully educated at BMCS will have a Christian world view through the integration of Biblical truths in all studies. Graduates will have a firm foundation and knowledge enabling them to be the next generation of leaders in their homes, churches, the workplace, and their communities. The BMCS Advantage will enable students to proceed to higher education and go out into the world grounded by their faith.

We invite parents to partner with us in the mandate to bring up children; in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).

— The Blue Mountain Christian School Committee

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