School Verse
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 1:7


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As we seek to fulfill our mandate to Biblically educate students, one of our key tools is the curriculum that we choose. At Blue Mountain Christian School, we believe that it is essential that we provide an education that is not only academically superior, but isBooks also spiritually vibrant.

We choose to use the publications of Christian publishers for the majority of our curriculum, because these publishers are careful to keep both the content and tone of their textbooks in line with the moral standards that are so important to the families that are a part of our school. In addition, these publishers provide assistance to teachers in their goal of revealing God in every subject we teach.

The majority of our textbooks for Kindergarten through 8th grade are published by ACSI and A Beka Books.

Our high school uses primarily an individual study program (PACE's) published by Accelerated Christian Education. In addition to the basic course work that it is a part of our regular curriculum, we also offer courses for all of our students in Art, Music, and Physical Education. We have a program of elective courses available for all of our students in grades 6 through 12. These classes change each semester, but a sampling of courses offered this year includes Choir, Band, Drama, Keyboarding, Computer Applications, American Sign Language, Spanish, Home Economics and Art.

Our high school graduation requirements are as follows:

English ---------- 4 credits
Literature ------- 1 credit
Social Studies --- 3 credits
Mathematics ------ 3 credits
Computer --------- 1 credit
Word Building ---- 1 credit
Science ---------- 3 credits
Foreign Language - 2 credits
Bible ------------ 4 credits
Physical Education 2 credits
Electives -------- 2 credits
Total ----------- 26 credits

For purposes of comparison, the graduation requirements of the local high school system are:

Communication Arts ---- 4 credits
Social Science -------- 4 credits
Mathematics ----------- 3 credits
Natural Science ------- 3 credits
Health Education ------.5 credit
Physical Education ---- 1.32 credits
Humanities ------------ 2 credits
Computer Applications - 1 credit
Elective subjects ----- 5.1 credits
Total ------------------ 23.92

Many of our graduates go beyond these requirements to take additional classes and even to complete college level work, but these guidelines are used for a minimum standard.